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Uncle Sam is Watching

Flying from Canada to the Caribbean? The United States Department of Homeland Security may now know about it, even if you’re not stopping in the USA. The Canadian Government recently amended the Aeronautics Act with Bill C-42 (link)  to further permit airlines to provide passenger information for International flights that not only land in, but also overfly the United States.

Canadian airlines were concerned (link) that as a result of proposed new Regulations associated with the Secure Flight Program in the United States, they would not be able to comply with Canadian privacy laws.


The previous version of the Aeronautics Act only allowed a Canadian airline to provide passenger information to a foreign country in …

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May I See Some I.D.?

The Minister of Transport recently announced two new aviation security measures intended to address an immediate threat to aviation security.  The Passenger Identification and Behaviour Observation Interim Order came into effect on January 26, 2011.

Passengers are not to be admitted to a sterile area beyond a screening checkpoint unless they have undergone identity screening.  In the same interim order, the Minister has implemented a pilot project at YVR where the behaviour of  passengers is monitored.

Here’s Looking at You

Previously, passengers were only required to show their boarding passes at security.  Now the screening process will require production of acceptable identification, observation of the passengers’ entire faces to determine if they are 18 years or older and, for those …

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