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Transport Canada Proposes Regulatory Changes to Enhance Security at Airports

Recent concerns over aviation security have led Transport Canada to propose regulatory changes aimed at enhancing security at airports.  A Notice of Intent published on March 27, 2010, outlines new regulatory requirements that will apply to Canada’s major airports and their “key tenants”.

In recognition of the importance of coordination and integration of security at Canadian airports, the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations are to be amended to require airport operators and their key tenants to assess their current security measures and to implement the most effective and comprehensive security plans.

All operators of airports designated for security screening will be required to assess their security and to develop and implement airport security programs to complement the aviation security requirements already …

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Canada Removes Restrictions for Carry On Baggage and Introduces Behaviour Observation Program

Here is some happy news for anyone planning to travel to the United States. Last week, Canada’s Transport Minister John Baird announced that, effective April 8, 2010, airline passengers traveling to the United States from Canada will be permitted to bring two carry-on bags and one personal item along for their travels.

The Government of Canada recently tightened restrictions on the number of carry-on bags allowed on US-bound flights following the December 25, 2009 “Underwear Bomber” incident and the ensuing security measures by the United States government.  The Canadian government has now restored the pre-December 25 carry-on baggage policy.

In addition, the Transport Minister announced new measures aimed at bolstering Canada’s aviation safety system.  The most controversial of these measures …

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Back in the Pilot’s Seat: Transport Canada Takes Authority over Business Aviation Away from CBAA

Effective April 1, 2011, Transport Canada will take back the certification and oversight functions for business aviation (Subpart 604 operators) from the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA).  Starting April 1, 2010, Transport Canada will begin enhancing its surveillance of the CBAA.

Transport Canada contracted these functions to the CBAA in 1999, when it initiated the “Flight 2005” program of self-regulation to promote a shared commitment to enhancing aviation safety in Canada and delegating safety management.

As a part of that program, Transport Canada introduced Canadian Aviation Regulation 604.01, which gave the CBAA certification and oversight functions for business aviation.  The CBAA committed to introducing and monitoring safety management systems (SMS) as a business tool in the management of flight operations.  …

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